Social Media Strategy for B2B Industrial Manufacturer

Rolls Royce Aerospace
“What business advantage”, asked our client at RollsRoyce (Aerospace), “can be gained through our use of social media”. It was up to a team of consultants, led by myself, to help this engineering and heavy manufacturing business, to find out.

We decided to logical way to address this challenge was to divide the work into a dozen streams, each related to a specific business function, from R&D to Recruitment to Corporate Communications and Investor Relations.

We then created ten case studies, most of which were competitors but, also, a handful of best practice examples from businesses outside the aerospace industry. Those case studies contained a one-to-two page analysis for each work stream.

We then paired consultants, based on direct experience of a particular business function, with a key stakeholder drawn from within it. Together, the consultant and stakeholder developed an analysis, conclusions and, where there was a specific opportunity to create a business advantage, a business case for central investment.