Client Work

Over the years, I’ve worked with a wide variety of clients, ranging from small charities to leading multinational corporations. I’ve led both B2B and B2C work, as well as enterprise collaboration projects behind the firewall.

A handful of my past clients don’t mind if I reference them:

  • BBC: user experience redesign of the BBC Blogs portal
  • CNN: launch of the European version of the CNN iOS application
  • Channel 4: various website builds and community strategy/management
  • PepsiCo Europe: social media strategy for the EMEA Corporate Reputation as well as various training initiatives
  • Royal Dutch Shell: social media strategy and strategic advisory for the Shell V-Power Network of Champions
  • Adobe: EMEA social media strategy as well as various campaigns and social builds
  • NESTA (the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts): social strategy and social media training for the Big Green Challenge
  • Boots: social strategy and community management for the first Health and Wellbeing community in the UK
  • DfES (Department for Education and Skills): web chats and social communities for Educators
  • BIS (Department for Business and Industry): website define and build for STEMnet
  • Liverpool FC: social community management
  • Arsenal FC: social community management
  • Meltwater: EMEA social strategy and keynoting at events
  • GoldenDawn: strategic advisory to a social technology startup
  • Hanwha Group: user experience strategy, re-design and build (see
  • Comet: strategic advisory for Plugged-In, a content marketing platform and community for a major UK electronics retailer

I’m unable to publish details of my other clients online, but have worked with brands and organisations in the following sectors:

  • Media (UK and International)
  • Financial Services (Professional Services, Asset Management and Insurance)
  • Government (UK and European level)
  • Consumer (Food and Beverages, Electronics, Travel, Mobile Networks, Pet Care)
  • Petrochemicals and Mining
  • Manufacturing and Construction
  • Commercial and Residential Property
  • Technology and Software (Consumer and Enterprise)
  • Charities, NGOs and Membership Organisations

Activities I’ve sold, led or personally delivered include:

  • Insights led strategic consultancy
  • Social business consultancy
  • Devising and implementing multi-market digital and social media propositions
  • Defining workflows and processes for content production, community management and crisis response
  • Multi-market website redesign and implementation
  • Development and delivery of training
  • Employee engagement and change management
  • Management of online communities
  • Event production

I’ve delivered client work in the UK and most European markets as well as farther afield in the US, South Korea, Russia and Australia.

Interested in working with me? If we’ve met, feel free to add me on LinkedIn, otherwise send me an email.

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