I spent around 8 years of my career as a Senior Broadcast Producer, and later Acting Editor, at the BBC, where I completed both local radio and new photography training. I’ve also written as a freelancer for for The Guardian, The Independent and The Telegraph. I was also a journalist for the Daily Mail Group’s “StAlbansPeople” website from 2010-2011.  From 2009-2011 I was a Visiting Fellow of Journalism at City University.

I know a good interview, from both sides of the equation.

I’ve been interviewed by online, print and broadcast media in around a dozen countries. I can’t remember them all, but here’s a few highlights:

Network Television:

Network and Local Radio

(*I additionally contributed audio reporting for these outlets)

Print and Online:

(* I’ve written for these outlets)

Here’s a video clip from one of my three appearances on Al Jazeera News:

I’ve also contributed articles to a number of edited scholarly collections on the social scientific study of life online. These include:

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